2 In 1 Gadget


Ideal for various packaging needs, it allows you to securely seal bags of chips, cookies, or plastic bags, ensuring your food remains protected from external factors.


We've added a special cutter function to our sealer, making it perfect for effortlessly opening any type of bag.

USB Rechargeable (Cable Included)

Don't worry about buying and replacing batteries. Simply connect it for a few minutes, and it's ready to use.

Made for Ardent Cooks

Elevate Your Cooking

Say goodbye to doubts about how much of this or that to add to your food. Achieve the perfect proportions for your dream meal.

Versatile Measurements

Our scale spoon allows you to easily switch between grams and ounces. Additionally, it features physical milliliter markings for precise measurements


Our scale spoon features an automatic 2-minute shutoff function, preserving energy and ensuring worry-free usage